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Born Sheniqua Donye Walker and affectionately known as Niqui, this soulful siren started learning to create melodies and rhymes as a toddler and it shows in her various musical styles.

Niqui Donye breaks through with her strong musical personality and even bigger voice.” Music speaks whatever we create it to and goes as far we take it in the


process. This one thought is the focus when I’m constructing a piece.” says Niqui Donye.

Ask Niqui about her love for music and she will tell you how being in the car with her mom on late nights listening to artists like Sade, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, & Whitney Houston helped develop who she has become.

Later on she fell in love with the sounds of artist like Tina Turner and Mahalia Jackson which helped shape the sounds she creates as a vocalist today.

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